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Do you think you're gorgeous? Let us be the judge's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Do you think you're gorgeous? Let us be the judge


Yes, we’re a rating community
A community for pretty people,
We’re interested in all of you,
Not just your to-die-for cheekbones,
You’re great sense of style
We want intellectual beauty, witty beauty,
FUN beauty.
Think you’re gorgeous?
Try it.


Please vote ladies and gents

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ATTN: Everyone [Monday,
June 13th, 2005]

I've decided I'm leaving this community, not purely because it's dead but also because I don't really feel I could keep up with it.

So I'm leaving it to lovemedotcom and our copious supply of Co-Mods. I'll email you the details, Em.

Bye! x
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Mod//bitter comment [Saturday,
May 14th, 2005]

[ mood | cynical ]

What a bustling hive of activity this community is.

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"I'm gorgeous, ja?" [Thursday,
April 28th, 2005]

[ mood | accomplished ]

i love it because its all german-esque

†Ich bin Gorgeous, ja?†Collapse )
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Kick the chair -- the rope's tight [Friday,
April 29th, 2005]

[ mood | dragonriding ]

Okay, it's bad photography, not bad art per se, but whatever.

I decided it was high time to take some new damned photos of myself. So I did.

Or, at least, I attempted to.

Out of several dozen attempts, this is what I have to show for my work. One is webcam, two are snipped from otherwise-worthless digicam shots. We need a new camera like John Bolton doesn't need a career in international diplomacy.

Cut to spare innocent bystanders the sight of my face.Collapse )

Oh, and while I'm at it, since they're much, much more gorgeous than I will ever be, here's some shots I got of Schuldiner, Theli, and Tumbleweed while I'm at it. (Oh, and the bird in the collage above is Deniro. He's only just gotten old enough that he looks like a burd, and not a wiggly pink alien. He will be my burd as soon as he's old enough to officially leave the nest.)

Cut for pictures of Leezurdz and a Khjatten.Collapse )

I figured the community's for camwhoring more than anything else, so I'll just dump the results of this current very rare incident of such on you. Hell, no one said it had to be *human* gorgeousity. And dude, Yer Darcificence, you might want to switch the image of me you currently have on the front page for one of the ones in the first photoset. If only because in the one you're using I look like I'm either nodding off or scowling at my toes.

Oh, hey, here's a game for y'all: Find a photo of yourself, or take a new one, and add the caption "CONVICTED". Then post it here. Then everyone comment and make calls on what the person in question was convicted of. I'll start off:


NP: Megadeth - Kick the Chair

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Yay [Thursday,
April 28th, 2005]

Wahoo! We're almost up and running, children. For the while only the mods have joined (WHY HAVE SOME THEM NOT JOINED THOUGH!?) but hopefully we'll get some members in who can be the bitches.
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April 27th, 2005]

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Promotion. Gael and Kate seem to be the 'official* faces' of this community at the minute, subject to change?

* - by official, I mean, they have no clue...but yeah, I said it's official.
p.s I will eventually get round to fixing the broken links on the layout, unless any of the other mods are html-ically minded and want to fix them.
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